Partner in Crime Zine

 – Partner in Crime Zine –

Produced by students for “Rock n Roll Consciousness”

Workshop with Thurston Moore and Clark Coolidge

Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School Summer Writing Program 2016

Boulder, Colorado

(Note: This zine was not produced by Luckpusher Press)


 Partner in Crime Title

Partner in Crime 01     Partner in Crime 02     Partner in Crime 03

Partner in Crime 04     Partner in Crime 05      Partner in Crime 06

Partner in Crime 07     Partner in Crime 08     Partner in Crime 09

Partner in Crime 10     Partner in Crime 11     Partner in Crime 12

Partner in Crime 13

Partner in Crime 14

Partner in Crime 15     Partner in Crime 16     Partner in Crime 17

Partner in Crime 18     Partner in Crime 19     Partner in Crime 20

Partner in Crime 21     Partner in Crime 22     Partner in Crime 23

Partner in Crime 24

For Now

I’m gonna leave you be

And let you write

Whatever comes to mind

Electroline glow

Glazed eyes

Like hypnotized

So far gone

The real drifts away

Then nothing comes to stay

A sneeze, a hiccup, dissent

Somewhere out there

A clock counts down

A flag flown up

A planet turning

Wobbling on axis

Telescoping stars

Dusty imagery

Science is a labyrinth

Mythologic lies

So sayest the man

Pushing paperwork

Through the mail slot

With barking dogs

In puppy mills

Like little pet slaves

Taking a beating

For misbehavior

Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!



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