Urban Hellville & Skag Arcade – “The Look of Silence” EP


Skag Arcade – “The Look of Silence” EP –

on Orb Tapes limited run of 50 cassette tapes out now!!!

ft the one and only Urban Hellville

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Track List:

1. Cambodian Necktie 6:40

2. Choeung Ek Pickup (Killing Fields) 10:00

3. Gangbang 4:09

4. The Look of Silence (Revenge of Beatitude) ft Urban Hellville 17:00

View the Video Teaser

and of course someone already leaked the Full Album on Youtube.

Cover Art and “Revenge of Beatitude” Lyrics below.

 Skag Arcade - The Look of Silence

New release out on Orb Tapes:

Skag Arcade(Facebook)
Skag Arcade(Bandcamp)

The Look Of Silence (c43)
Limited to 50 copies

“Conceived as an elegy for the millions of forgotten victims of the 20th-century genocides

that took place in the Southeastern regions of Asia

(in particular the atrocities perpetrated by Pol Pot in Cambodia and the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965 and 1966),

“The Look Of Silence” is a four-track journey into the void left in the eyes of the survivors,

a dirge to accompany the steady gaze into their never-ending abyss.”

Revenge of Beatitude


Open up the gate

Solid foundation

One thousand volts

Turbo charged

Gimme some a your something

Rub a dub a kill you

Come when called

Two giants clash

Cure for the fever

Nobody move, nobody get hurt

Watch your words

Two sevens culture

Unconquered people

Screaming target

Wonderful world, beautiful people

You can get it if you really want it

File for your machete

The best is yet to come

Oh what a lie!

Earth crisis rollerskate

Know the score

Satan army band

Sounds of freedom

Cool operator

Time has come

Guiding star

Humans like shadows

Hard to confess

Death in the arena

Of a prima ballerina

Sharing the night together

In faded Babylon

Without love

Listen up! Laser beam!

Wicked them a say

Laid to rest

Gun confused prophet

Mind behind the wine

Name of the game:

Time to unite

Every little thing:


Crucial taptone special

Supernatural dread

Higher ranking

In fine style

Under heavy manners

Champion get knocked out

Groovy full attention

Troubled double

Tempted to touch


The going is rough

And on the handsome side

But can’t take the pressure

Get to the end of the stack

Start all over


The Russians are coming

Inna wet dream

Better must come

None shall escape

Ruffer noise

Straight to Cassius Clay

Strictly rocking


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