Urban Hellville – F(r)iction #8 #BlinkTBL Winner

– Bonus Round . . . Urban Hellville –

June 2017, Tethered By Letters messaged to asked to publish Hellville’s winning in F(r)iction #8

in the first ever printed collection of #BlinkTBL winners accompanied by original artwork.

 If you’ve never seen a print copy of F(r)iction, buy a subscription.

It’s a beautifully impressive literary magazine/graphic novel with full color artwork

burgeoning writers/artists, and so much more.

Tethered By Letters is producing and promoting the future of artists, writers, and literature.



August 2016 #BlinkTBL

Tethered By Letters Twitter Story Contest


#BlinkTBL - Urban Hellville Wins Tethered By Letters Twitter Story Contest



     Sauced, boating, silly

Li Bai hugs the moon and falls

Overboard to drown


Special thanks to Charlie Baylis (@charlesebaylis)

#Hellville #TetheredByLetters #BlinkTBL

#Poetry #Haiku #AmWriting #AmSubmitting #AmPublishing #AmAmazing


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  View the Urban Hellville page here at Luckpusher Press.



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