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Preserve the joy of the tangible book in contemporary literature

and beware of accepting the digital manuscript as a satisfactory substitute.

Please review this fine assortment of authors

and consider ordering a real live paper book you can touch,

page through, and even put in a pocket or on a bookshelf.


– The Luckpusher Press Collective –

You Got to Love Your Luckpushers!


A Book You Can Burn by Urban Hellville     Paolo Que Paso Logo  (PNG)     Gong Gong - From Gong Gong with Love

Work and Play . . . by Jacques Terrasse     Use Me Bruise Me Grip Me Strip Me Bore Me Whore Me by Effete Feline     Laser Heart (2015)  - Hellion Newman

drunk Bard     Che Vez Regal Revolutionary Star

Joshua Musicant - Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur    Blooming from Mud Badge Black - Naropa Sycamore Editions (NSE)