Naropa Sycamore Editions

Blooming from Mud Badge Black - Naropa Sycamore Editions (NSE)

 Conceived and realized in November 2016

while researching the states of various small press publishers,

Naropa Sycamore Editions was born out of the idea

that publishers adopting the names of universities

serve to obfuscate the publisher as associated

with the referenced university beyond alumni status.

To paint a parallel of elaboration,

the name Naropa was paired with the word Sycamore

after the tree of the same name located

on Naropa University’s Arapahoe Campus, Boulder, Colorado.

As such, the logo of Naropa Sycamore Editions is an image of

Anne Waldman sitting crosslegged with a book in her lap

overlayed on a sycamore leaf.

Thus, Naropa Sycamore Editions becomes a place for Naropa scholars,

particularly those of the Jack Kerouac School

and Beat Generation Outrider traditions,

and academics and artists in general to find a home

for displaced and disembodied poetics, prosody, visual arts, etc.

Ideally, take a seat under a tree and dig the nature of artistry.

Truly, Naropa Sycamore Editions is none other.