– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –


The Press is independent. Is there concern over industry competition?


Thanks for asking. Yes, the Press is an indie outfit.

No, no concern for industry competition. We’re a niche market.

Those who know the Press expect quite the opposite of industry giants.


What is the Press currently working on?


Now, now, if we say what we’re working on it won’t be a surprise!

Top secret for now, you understand.


Any mention of current directions the Press is taking?


You might say we’re between printers at the moment.

We aim to produce quality in all its forms and despite expense.

An otherwise “affordable” product would be lackluster.

Meanwhile, we’re ever scouting and training writers.


What does the Press look for as writers go?


What we’re talking about is awakening and unlocking human potential.

Everybody has a story. What’s yours?


Aren’t some stories better left untold?


That is an existential question of the story. Is a story a story if it has not been told?

Is it a memory or recollection until recounted to another person or transcribed into a book?

The answer is at once yes and no.

Somewhat Shakespearean, don’t you think?

To share, or not to share? That is the question.


The Press is a proponent of the paper book.

Will the Press ever make e-books available?


Well, we’re certainly not opponents of digital texts.

If digital texts are not made available, some poor soul out there

will have to exert the effort to scan the paper texts into digital for themselves.

That’s a grand waste of time in the age of convenience.

Considering the pros and cons of both formats, they each have their value.

A paper book never needs electricity. An illuminated digital text can be read in the dark.

Academically, it’s much faster to search through digital texts than to page through paper books.

You see, it’s all in the preference of the reader.


Yet the preference of the Press is the paper book.


Again, yes and no. The paper book has been the standard for centuries.

The digital reality we are experiencing is still new and rapidly evolving.

The Press is more concerned with opening avenues for writers

rather than defining and limiting preferences and potentials.


Any advice for burgeoning writers?


Remember, the page is a playground.

Writers have to write, and read, and live for experiences to charge inspirations.

Consider the value of history, mythology, symbolism, phonetic and textual misinterpretations, experimentation, and rhetoric and semantics.

Above all, expect that no one will really understand your craft and lifestyle until you put a (paper) book in their hands to page through, and possibly have dedicated and signed by you . . .

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Write on!

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