Started in 2008 by author Urban Hellville,

Luckpusher Press is an independent/indie publishing organization

battle born and based in the heart of the city of tomorrow, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luckpushers represents the artistic endeavors of many contributors

including Urban Hellville, Jacques Terrasse, Effete Feline, Gong Gong, and others.

Luckpusher Press operates with the intention of scouting and training

burgeoning artists for careers as professional artists in the 21st century.

We live, work, and play by the Motto that being an artist is not a job,

but a lifestyle on the path toward self-actualization.

Won’t you join us and familiarize yourself with our endeavors?


– Luckpusher Press –

Description: Scouting and training burgeoning writers

for careers as 21st century professional writers. (12)

Mission Statement 1: Life on the line. (4)

Mission Statement 2: Better living through writing. (4)

Mission Question 1: Where’s the line? (3)

Mission Question 2: How far? (2)

Vision Statement 1: Reimagining literature. (2)

Vision Statement 2: Sense from nonsense. (3)